Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery Act   2015 Statement


Flying Trade Group PLC (FTG) along with all subsidiary companies are committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental trade practice and standards.

As a minimum standard, we have set out expectations across our supply chain ensuring that we respect basic human rights, helping to improve conditions and protection for all employees, visitors and our customers.

Our aim to achieve fair working conditions for all those involved in the manufacturing and supply of our products, remains one of our core objectives.

All suppliers are to adhere to this aim as part of their business and supplier relations and they are required to submit their ethical to us.

All parties are to comply with National and International Law.

FTG are firmly committed to ensure that they adhere to four core codes of practice, beingValue, Monitoring, Development along with Integrity & Transparency.

Code of Ethics

  1. Proactively promote ethical behavior amongst peers and suppliers in the working environment across all facets of the group.
  2. Ensure that all Laws of the land are adhered at all times.
  3. Ensure that all employees, suppliers, volunteers and clients are treated fairly at all times.
  4. Committed in the prevention of slavery, and requires suppliers to ensure that they are free from human trafficking, slavery and child labour.
  5. Suppliers must maintain appropriate documentation and be subject to audits, and permit entrance to their premises for inspection to ensure compliance.
  6. Ensure that all employees, suppliers, volunteers are entitled to a safe, hygienic work place and good working conditions, salary and hours are met.
  7. Under no Circumstances will bribery or corruption be tolerated and/or improper fraudulent influence over employees, suppliers or clients.



Updated Jan 2018.

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